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Jul 28, 2021
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McAfee in its recent posts has revealed that it saw a spike in the number of organizations or individuals that have started to adopt cloud services. The adoption of cloud services not only works as a life-saving jacket in the current times but also makes sure to stay protected in the future as well. McAfee team has also witnessed that people have started to shift their interests towards using cloud security tools such as CASB that lets them deal with increasing cloud footprints. But that is not enough because there is still space for data breach about which we could hear every now and then. It is the need of the hour to collect the data from organizations so that we can know what DLP policies should the agency adopt? Although the answer to this question is not so complicated because McAfee has taken care of this aspect long ago. It has given us McAfee developed MVISION Cloud Security Advisor (CSA) which lets you implement cloud security controls on the devices around. What is included in Cloud Security Advisor? ( ) When you open it, you are provided with a dashboard that has a number of functions in it. There is a “magic quadrant” in it allowing you to have a quick glance at your organization’s security posture. Most importantly, you can also choose the vertical market option to see how your organizations stack up as compared to other organizations. In the dashboard, there is a CSA. It scans the organization’s MVISION Cloud environment one time in a single day. In case there is a change in the scan, you can easily see it in the ‘Next scan’ section. Other than this, you can also enable policies based on your organization’s needs and also check report of each event. Examining the organization’s cloud footprint has become easier allowing you to cross-check the number of Shadow IT services that were discovered during the scan. Users can also have a thorough glance at the summary of DLP and access policy violations done by employees. There is also a ‘Malware’ section in it that tells you about the malware that is detected recently and come in the way of environments that are connected to MVISION Cloud. |
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